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Our Charities

Mary queens Mission Hospital founded in 1957, as a charitable institution, is the living expression of touching hearts of the needy and marginalized. The philanthropic gestures are served in a number of activities. The following are listed as some of them.

  1. Fifty beds are given as rent free (The hospital provides one fourth of its bed capacity as rent free)
  2. Dialysis Unit Operates at present under charity fund of Rs. 24 Lakhs
  3. More than 25 rural camps per year
  4. GNM education is discounted in in fee structure and sometimes given free to the privileged and marginalized.
  5. 57 lakhs of Charity Fund (2018-2019)
  6. The project is initiated to make cancer free village program. The project namely, ”Sthreerangnam” has undertaken to eradicate the  Breast Cancer at Mundakayam Grama Panchayathu resulting 1050 women  were screened through Ibreast Exam as free of cost and further treatment like USG and Surgical expenses were done in discounted rate. 
  7. The social and sustainability programs such as Thalir (a project initiative green care along with healthcare)  and Ardhram ( A project to have initiated for senior citizens) were flagship events upholding the social gestures of concerns.
  8. Hridhyam-  The novel and innovative idea of OP Insurance scheme for rendering OP Consultation and Further Health Checkups Free.